Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Martyn - 'Miniluv'

Dutch producer Martyn's latest release is one I've been anticipating greatly for the past few months, with the track 'Miniluv' standing out greatly in both his Fabriclive 50 Promo mix as well as in a recent mix by xxxy. The past couple of weeks have been a fruitful time for the electronic/dubstep world, with releases from Sepalcure, Pearson Sound, Shlohmo, James Blake and now Martyn.

'Miniluv', released on the Ostgut Ton label, is a lovely track, and once again exhibits Martyn's penchant for combining dubstep and techno styles. The track hits at 130bpm and contains a wonderfully constructed breakbeat. The sub-bass fits neatly underneath the brilliantly arranged synths that dominate the track early on. The track then turns halfway through, with a warm and soft theme slowly fading in to become the overriding sound, which for me is without doubt the highlight of the track. It is such a simple construction, but yet so effective in what it does.

The track is part of a release (Berghain 04 - Part I) which itself is the first of three samplers showcasing some of the exclusive new tracks from Ben Klock's forthcoming Berghain o4 Mix. Also featuring on this first release is Berlin based dub-techno artist Roman Lindau with the track 'Keppa'. Look out for Klock's mix which should be released in the next couple of months, judging by these tracks it should be a very interesting listen. You can purchase this release now at numerous places online, including itunes, boomkat, juno or chemical records. You can listen to the track now by clicking here.

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