Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Nike Dunk High Designs

The Nike Dunk High is back in another new form, once again proving that it has developed into a subcultural icon in past 10 years alongside other notably recognisable trainers such as the Adidas Superstar. The Dunks were first released as a basketball trainer in 1985, originally released in numerous different colours for players of different college and university teams, for what was known as the legendary 'Be True To Your School' collection. The trainer's shape and style has been maintained throughout the years and rightly so, but with numerous re-designs the trainer has developed more into an inspiration for fashion and streetwear culture.

The new designs, as can be seen below, will be released in July, and from what I've seen I've been impressed. Each design takes the classic Dunk mould, and dresses it with a mix of leather and nubuck that really complement each other. An interesting element of these designs is the decision to included lace colours which are at odds with the canvas of the trainers. At first I didn't really know what to think of these, it'll probably be one of those elements that you either love or hate, but I've grown to think this is quite a cool addition, and unique to the Nike Dunk brand. The new designs have been released in three well selected colour designs, with green and navy (yellow laces), brown and blue (red laces) as well as black and grey (fluro laces).

The new designs are obviously not touch on the original 1985 dunks, but I like how they've been adventurous in the colourways and materials, resulting in what is a really nice product. As I mentioned before, the new dunks will be released in July, and they could be hard to find. The best places to try will be your nearest independent trainer retailer, and try looking online at both and

New Nike Dunk High Designs:

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