Thursday, 3 June 2010

Carhartt SS10

Carhartt was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt. The original aim of the brand was to provide the best in class apparel for the active worker, creating rugged pieces, featuring innovative designs that specialised in porviding comfort and durability for the wearer. This is an aim which has been at the forefront of the company's ambitions throughout their 120 year history.

Since 1994 Carhartt has distributed its products in Europe, and finally in 1997 they designed their first ever line especially available for the European market. Since then Carhartt has grown to become one of the leading streetwear brands around Europe, with its reputation ever growing as they still manage to stay true to their original aim of providing rugged, durable clothing that is made of the highest quality and with innovative design. Today Carhartt is also well known for its support and collaborations with underground artists and musicians, as well as skateboarders and BMX riders (they actually have their own international skate and BMX team).

Below are pictures of Carhartt's latest releases from their spring/summer 2010 collection. There are parts of the collection that I'm really fond of, but there are a couple of areas that disappointed me slightly. Firstly, I am huge fan of Carhartt shirts. They are brilliantly made and designed, with a really good fit (almost slightly baggy - go for a size smaller than you would normally wear), and the material is of great quality (100% cotton), providing the comfort and durability that they promise from the outset. These designs are the brands strongest area of design in my opinion, with the button down shirt and also the flagstaff shirt design providing the highlights for me. However, I can't help but feel the collection is slightly let down by the design of the t-shirts. The t-shirts I have selected below are the best of a bad bunch, with extremely plain designs throughout the collection. Maybe I feel this way because I prefer interesting graphic tee's, but I definitely felt there was something lacking in the design of the t-shirts, as if they could have gone a lot further in their design, rather than settling for a very plain tee that featured the tag 'Carhartt' or the brand's logo on the heart of the tee. But don't let this take your attention away from the brilliant design of the shirts and jackets, which I would recommend to anybody.

You can browse/purchase items from the SS10 line from a number of places. You can find them online at, and You can also find the products in Urban Outfitters stores nationwide, as well as Carhartt's very own flagship store in London for more designs (Earlham Street, Covent Garden).

Carhartt SS10 Collection:

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