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Rene Pawlowitz

Rene Pawlowitz is a German producer/DJ. Only over the past couple of months have I been made aware of his past work through seeing his name recommended time and time next to artists which I'm presently listening to. I'm delighted I took the time to listen to his work now, as Pawlowitz is one fantastic artist. He operates under a number of different aliases, using the names Shed, Wax and also The Panamax Project. His work is almost a form of dub-techno, with a minimalist and deep house vibe running throughout much of his production.

Pawlowitz's first work came under the name Shed in the form of the 'Handle With Care' EP which established his innovative dub-techno sounds when released in September 2006. The three track EP exemplifies a more Detroit influenced techno with a great soul and funk sound featuring on the tracks, as well as the undertones of a dubstep beat on the track 'Handle With Care II' which results in the sound we have come to expect to hear from Shed.

His second, and probably most recognised, release is the LP 'Shedding The Past'. The LP released in September 2008 is brilliantly created, forward thinking minimalist techno with a dubstep influence that creates a record that is both innovative and that yet harkens back to old school rave sounds. There are a variety of different style tracks on this avant-garde record, with more ambient and atmospheric intervals contrasted by soulful techno that implements a strong dubstep beat. My favourite track from the LP is 'Ithaw' which I first heard in George Fitzgerald's 'Take Flight Mix'. The track for me epitomises the brilliance of Pawlowitz's work, especially his soulful dub-techno sounds. The track combines a heavy dubstep beat with well arranged synths and percussion to create a perfect template for his dub-techno trademark. The addition of distorted and looped female vocals is the perfect extra layer that makes the track complete in my opinion. You can download the album from itunes/boomkat/juno, and you can listen to Ithaw by clicking here.
'Shedding The Past' Tracklist:

01) Intro
02) Boose-Sweep
03) Another Wedged Chicken
04) Flat Axe
05) The, Lower Upside Down
06) Slow Motion Replay
07) Waved Mind/Archive Document
08) Archive Document/That Beats Everything!
09) Ithaw
10) Estrange
11) Ostrich-Mountain-Square

Pawlowitz's next projects after the Shed releases came under the guise Wax. His style evidently altered in his releases under this name, with a stronger deep house influence infused with techno. I'm less fond of his releases as Wax, although they are still really well made pieces of work. He as released 3 EP's as Wax, each with two tracks. These are 'No. 10001' released in June 2008, 'No. 20002' released in August 2010 and most recently 'No. 30003' released in April 2010. Each EP follows on from each other, with similar style tracks featuring on each EP. The tracks feature pounding bass kicks and polished tones and arrangements of synths that make for good techno-house club tracks, although I do believe his work as Shed is far superior. You can listen to a couple of the tracks from these EP's to get an idea of what his sound as Wax is like by clicking here and here.
His latest work has come under the guise The Panamax Project, and his first EP under this name really impressed me, taking a template similar to that of his work as Shed. His work as The Panamax Project more explicitly fits into the dubstep genre than any of his other workings, whilst still retaining elements of his techno influences. One of my favourite tracks produced by Pawlowitz is in fact the first track of the 'Maximum Height/Maximum Width' EP, 'Maximum Height'. The has a hip-hop sounding influence in the way its beat is constructed, with a well produced heavy bassline accompanied by light synths after the first third of the dong which present the uplifting sounds of a quite brilliant track. You can listen to/purchase the 'Maximum Height/Maximum Width' EP now by clicking here.
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