Saturday, 5 June 2010

Adidas Federation Packs World Cup 2010

The new Adidas release is truly one of the most beautifully made, aesthetically pleasing pieces I have seen in a while. Being a huge football fan myself, this collection of special edition Federation packs almost brought me to tears (honestly, I was welling up inside when I first saw these).

The new Federation Packs have just been released in limited numbers in order to celebrate the heritage of the World Cup, which dates back to 1930. The packaged boxing is wonderful, worth buying on its own in my opinion. Inside there are two shirts from each nation featured, one from Adidas's Performance line which will be worn by the respective nation at the World Cup, and the other a shirt from the Originals line which is a replica of the nation's greatest memory of past World Cup's.

The nation's featured are all of course sponsored by Adidas at this year's World Cup, with Argentina, France, Germany, Mexico and Spain being published in the collection. This is one area where I felt only slightly let down, as I believe they could have featured a couple more Originals shirts which live in World Cup memory. For example, I would have loved to have seen a replica collection of a Netherlands shirt worn by the likes of Johan Cruyff and Marco Van Basten. However, this takes nothing away from the pure brilliance in the design of this collection.

This release is perfect for football fans, Adidas fanatics and the collectors out there. If I had the money I would go for all five, but if I was to recommend one I would no doubt go for the Argentina pack. The Originals shirt, a replica of their 1978 World Cup winning shirt is my favourite of all the designs, so simple yet so perfect, especially with the long sleeved design. France and Germany would be my next picks in the pecking order, but Argentina is a must buy in my opinion. If you would like to purchase these you'll have to be extremely quick. You can get them online now at, and to find them in store you'll have to go to an Adidas Concept store, which by clicking here you can find your nearest store (London, Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool).

Adidas Federation Pack Collection - World Cup 2010:






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