Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Obey originated as a street art campaign in 1989, which through the vision and works of Shepard Fairey has led to the brand becoming one of the most controversial but also inspiring and influential art movements around the world. Fairey's artwork is brilliant, with really unique strands in his work, and he always to interweave a thought provoking message within a brilliantly designed piece of art. A couple examples of his street are can be seen in the pictures featured below.

Through Obey clothing (established with the help of Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall), the street art campaign manages to spread further Shepard Fairey's messages through use of his graphic works on well designed items of clothing. Obey clothing is probably best know for their great t-shirt designs, with slim-fit light material t-shirts accompanied by a well made graphic design from Fairey that is without doubt the main selling point of the tee's. One thing that really impressed me about this recent collection is Obey's collaboration with skateboard legend Jason Jessee, who have worked together to create a number of limited t-shirts. The template of the t-shirts are simple yet so effective, with only white and black colourways utilised as too emphasise the great graphics featured at the heart of the tee.

Obey clothing is stocked mainly in the bigger cities of the UK, including Bristol (Cooshti), Norwich (Dogfish), Manchester (Ran), London (Selfridges and Supra) as well as Nottingham (Wild Clothing). Obey have also over the past week unveiled their UK online store, making the designs much more accessible to people all over the UK. You can browse/purchase Obey items online now by visiting http://www.shop.obeyclothing.co.uk/, and below are my highlights of what the online stores has to offer in its recent collections.

Obey Clothing:

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