Friday, 11 June 2010

Sepalcure - 'Love Pressure' EP

I'm very excited about the start of the World Cup and all, however, there are two things I'm anticipating more eagerly today, that in my world will no doubt outshone a finals lacking the best footballer in the World (FOOTBALLER, NOT PLAYER). The absence of a certain Juan Roman Riquelme has already killed a part of the World Cup for myself, being my favourite footballer and one of the most technically gifted of his generation, a type of old fashioned playmaker that is sadly fading away in today's more power/speed orientated game. He ran the show in 2006, and it wasn't until he was substituted against Germany in the quarter finals that the German's equalised and took the tie on penalties. The video I will provide the link to shows his technical excellence, and if there's another footballer who can under the conditions of a world cup qualifier score two relatively identical free-kicks within the space of 10 minutes then please let me know who this incredible player is. Click here to view the video, excuse the shocking American commentary, which is nowhere near worthy of gracing such a great of our era. Unfortunately, with Maradona's exclusion of Riquelme, in my opinion Argentina's key and most important player, we'll be stuck watching painfully average footballer's like James Milner and Jonas Gutierrez. So, let's move on to the more exciting prospects of today.

After weeks of hearing tracks from the 'Love Pressure' EP on various sites and Mary Anne Hobbs late night show, Sepalcure's debut work has finally been released on the forward thinking Hotflush label. Sepalcure are a recently formed duo based in New York comprised of Praveen Sharma (of Praveen and Benoit, an ambient electronic outfit) and Travis Stewart (who also makes great glitch-hop under the alias Machinedrum). Their sound clearly shows a union of their love for bass music as well as 90's house/soul acapealla's, creating ultimately what they have termed 'Lovestep'.

The 'Love Pressure' EP is an unbelievable debut for the duo. The 4 track EP includes 'Love Pressure', 'The Warning', 'Every Day Of My Life' and 'Down'. The EP is generally a mix of dubstep, house and Detroit techno chords with 2-step beats and soulful chopped-up vocals. This results in a group of tracks with emotional depth that are yet designed for the dancefloor, more than at home playing alongside the likes of Joy Orbison, Pangaea, James Blake, Mount Kimbie and Martyn.

You can listen to the tracks now at Sepalcure's soundcloud page which is The tracks have been released on vinyl and mp3, and the places I would recommend if you wish to buy it are Chemical Records ( and Juno ( This is a must buy if you're a fan of future dubstep/post-dubstep/dub-house (label it what you want, it's so good).

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